Valuation Services

AFREC provides real estate property, plants, equipment, machinery valuation and advisory services across a comprehensive range of specialist clientele including banks, audit firms, courts and law offices, development companies, private and public sectors.

Our valuation reports are in full compliance with the Bahrain Valuation Standards and the International Valuation Standards performed by real estate experts of assets of all types and sizes.

Our Valuation Team is well informed and extensively experienced in providing valuation and advisory services for various purposes.

Valuation Process

Trading and Brokerage Services

AFREC, a Licensed Broker, conducts real estate property trading guided by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) regulations with utmost integrity, honesty, and independence. We meticulously inspect, assess, and value properties, ensuring they meet trade qualifications. We then identify potential buyers at fair market values, maximizing property potential and best use.

Property Management

As a Licensed Property Manager, AFREC adheres to RERA guidelines, prioritizing clients' interests. We evaluate property facilities, condition, and required repairs, presenting potential and best use of property. After contract approval, we handle security, upkeep, leasing & re-leasing, dues settlement, fund deposits, and monthly/yearly property statements for clients.

Property Development

With extensive experience, AFREC excels as a Property Developer, specializing in property improvement and construction. Our portfolio includes residential, commercial, and service buildings, as well as land alteration, zoning, classification, and subdivision. Collaborating with skilled urban planners, surveyors, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, contractors, and material suppliers, AFREC offers comprehensive development solutions for clients.